I'm a Leaky Lady

September 12th, 2018

After I had my children everything was fine until I got into my 30's. If I cough or sneeze I better stand up and cross my legs. I always have an extra pair of pants with me, just in case. At 30 everything changed. I got premenopausal symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats. I begged doctors to at least look inside to see what was up with my pain, but they just dismissed me and my "phantom" pain. So I went to a new OBGYN, who immediately ordered an ultra sound and I had my first laparoscopic surgery to see the severity of my endometriosis. Bam, there it was, along with cysts that would rupture and the pain would send me to the ER, I can't even count how many times. Well, I had my hysterectomy June 14th of this year. I feel so much better; however, I have to force my urine out of my body and move it different positions just to get it ALL out. Sometimes I have to have a bowel movement before I can even urinate. What's up with that? I have so many questions for Watkins-Conti products and I'm ready to get this product!

"This is a product that will empower millions of women to start taking control of their lives."

- Dr. Benjamin Brucker, Assistant Professor of Urology + Gynecology & Obstetrics, NYU